Name: Kerry Huf

Job title: Dom Care Occupational Therapist and NDIS Transition Support Clinician

Q: How long have you worked at Peninsula Health?

A: 11years – all with the Dom Care Team

Q: What do you do in your day to day role?

A: I see people of any age in their homes (I do ‘clinic’ work). The purpose of the home visits is to ensure that my clients are safe and as independent as possible in their own homes. The diagnoses vary enormously and include palliative care clients as well.

My role (as with all of the Dom Care OTs) is varied (and predominantly with the over 65 age group):

  • organising home modifications (both major ones such as a bathroom modification and some as simple as the installation of a grab rail)
  • equipment prescription (specialist seating, manual and powered wheelchairs, electric scooters – and the training – pressure care products….)
  • aids (particularly those that maintain independence such as personal use items like a ‘Tipper’ kettle or sock aid)
  • referrals to other services as required
  • State-wide Equipment Program applications for the above

I am also involved with group work – running the fatigue management and energy conservation sessions for the Cancer Rehab group (Frankston and Rosebud),  and have just started to help with the fatigue management sessions for the Pulmonary Rehab Program is Hastings and Rosebud.

With the NDIS Transition Support role, I work with those people who are keen to access NDIS aged under 65.

I help them with the below:

  • Completion of the Access request phone call for forms with the client
  • Completion of the Evidence Request forms with the participant
  • Initial reports in preparation for the Planning Meetings, and then attending as many of the Meetings as I am able
  • Discussion of the approved Plans with the participants to assist them to understand the funding allocations and how to commence their Plans

Q: Which NDIS participants will you be working with? (eg adult allied health, children aged…)

A: Generally adults, but I also have three children clients aged 5 (twins) and 13. My role was originally established to support those clients and their carers/families (both adults and children) of Peninsula Health who have very complex needs and/or require a significant amount of support and information as they commence their access to NDIS.

Q: How do you help NDIS participants achieve their goals?

A: I complete the assessments and applications for aids and equipment or home modifications as per the NDIA processes and submit them for approval. I have been involved in some service coordination with a couple of clients – linking them to the services that will be able to assist them with their goals

I have also, more recently, acted as a consultant for those whose Plans have been approved, giving information regarding other providers (both public and private) who can help with their service provision (eg Plan Managers and Personal Care Assistance Organisations)

I have assisted with a Plan review process, but there is no outcome on this as yet.

Q: What do you like most about your job?

A: The variety of people I meet and am able to support to become or remain as independent as their disabilities will permit. I love to support their carers – so the carers can remain as well as possible. There are many other aspects I love about my work, but these are the main ones.

Q: What is one stand-out moment or highlight from working at Peninsula Health?

A: Helping an elderly quadriplegic woman to obtain the specialist powered wheelchair she needed was pretty special. That particular piece of equipment required me to be a “fund-raiser” as well as an OT – I found/scrounged the $9,000 extra that the State-wide Equipment Program required to supply the chair.

Q: What do you like to do outside of work?

A: Medieval history and music; spend time with my two children and play with my grandson; travel – particularly to Western Europe and eat fine food.