Support Coordination Helping you get the best out of your plan

Our Support Coordination Services

Our Support Coordinators help you to find the right service providers for your needs, and can coordinate all of your support services. The level of Support Coordination you are funded for will be outlined in your NDIS plan.

You can choose from three support coordination options.


Connecting you with relevant service providers.


Helping you maintain your plan.


Specialist support for more complex needs.

How we can help

We can help you to navigate the NDIS through the different stages of your NDIS journey.

We can support you to:

  • Identify the services and service providers that best meet your individual needs
  • Coordinate service providers, or help you to coordinate your own services
  • Obtain quotes for services and set up Service Agreements with providers
  • Coordinate assessments, reports, and health and medical specialists
  • Monitor your NDIS plan outcomes and expenditure, and report back to the NDIA
  • Help you re-develop your goals prior to your NDIS plan review.

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